Tips for gifts

Tips for gifts

Tips - graduates

For graduates

All graduates  deal with the same problem every year. A gift for the class teacher. What should you choose to avoid boring and cheesy presents? It would be great to have something personal to make your class teacher always remembering you.
What about an elegant handbag with all  students’ signatures? Or rather with expressions that became cult during the common years? For a professor of math, Czech or biology. We will propose a design for you which will be personal to your teacher. The lining can be full of your messages, wishes and signatures.
It will be a practical, luxurious and unforgettable gift with the soul from the whole class for the favorite teacher.

Tips - for bride

For bride

Every little girl dreams that someday she will be Cinderella from the fairy-tale for whom a prince on a white horse will come. When we grow up, our ideas change, but something remains. We want to feel that we are unique, that we are loved.
The ideal opportunity to fulfill this feeling of a woman is wedding or hen party. Wish the bride all the best in marriage and whisper your wishes for her into a handbag that she can wear as a talisman every day.

Tips - colleague

For colleague

Certainly, you know it. A colleague celebrates her work anniversary or having a baby or grandchild born. Everyone in the office tries to think of something original but usually, all ideas end up with wine, a gift basket, and nappies. 
For a colleague who loves classical music, we will make a handbag with notes and violin. For a passionate baker, we will make a handbag full of cakes, muffins, and cakes. For an avid crossword puzzle, we will make a handbag full of teasers and sudoku. And there will be your messages, wishes or names waiting inside of the handbag.
Everyone will appreciate when people around take a moment and give a present made just for her or him.

Tips - mom

For mom

Which mother doesn't melt when her baby give her as a gift just finished picture? How to keep such a picture with you all the time? How to shout into the world that your child is the most loving and smart?
What about handbag designed from the child itself? Give your grandmother, mother or partner a handbag full of love. There’s never enough love.