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The handbags with your unique story

Every child has a desire to express his/her feelings and dreams with a picture. Every move with a brush or crayon is full of enthusiasm and joy he/she wants to give us. However, all the pictures can’t be put on the wall and it would be a shame to hide them in the drawer.

Our goal is to pass this joy further. We processed children’s pictures into the elegant fashion accessory so that the spirit of the drawing is preserved while the handbag fits to your style and needs. Each picture has its own charm and can be used to create a beautiful design piece. We will be glad if you let us do the magic ...


Choose from the range of original fashion accessories the right one for you.

From picture to product

The process how your picture is transferred into the unusual handbag with story.

Gift voucher

Do you have little time or troubles with design? Give gift voucher.

The story of your picture

Or how the picture becomes an original fashion accessory.


Any picture can be the right one, even the one from your kid's school noticeboard.

Graphic plan

Colors and design of the graphic plan are nearly identical to the final product


The fabric can look like a spring meadow

Complete handbag

The complete handbag in front of camera lens.