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Clean lines, simple design and optimal size. The handbag suitable for casual day as well as for party. Tall or low, unobtrusive or extroverted, young girls or mature ladies. This cut will be appreciated by almost all women.

Step out of the crowd with a #Sandy handbag.

75,- EUR

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Good mood, joy of life and hands free to embrace child, friend or partner. For those of you who love life and want to enjoy it in every minute, we have prepared a backpack #Happiness. It's beautiful, it's practical, it's stylish.

Go your own way and be happy. Backpack #Happiness will be your loyal companion.

118,- EUR

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Shape and size determine this handbag for business because besides to the usual necessities, even A4-size documents comfortably fits in it. If we dress up this handbag in fresh colours and playful design, it will turn into a festival beauty.

Let yourself be seduced by the elegance and versatility of #Letter handbag.

91,- EUR

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There are occasions when we want to have just few things with us and look appealing. The perfect choice to highlight your outfit is the #City handbag.

Stylish and timeless. #City handbag will not disappoint you.

63,- EUR

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Pretty, sweet, cute. These are not only the little girls but also #Lollipop handbag, which is designed especially for them. Tissue, lollipop, lipstick and they can go out.

Make a little girl happy with a #Lollipop handbag.

56,- EUR

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Complementary products

These products have to be sold together with products from the main product line. Can't be sold separately



Phone, payment card, money. Your necessities always with you. It's so beautiful that you can just take #Organizer to your hand and go to the cinema or the theatre.

You simply need to have the #Organizer.

59,- EUR

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Small, fresh and beautiful. That's #Mini. For some cosmetic bag, which will hide mascara, lipstick, mirror. For other stylish cover for notebook and pencils. Either way, keep everything in your handbag in place.

Feel free to make yourself happy with the #Mini.

18,- EUR

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We love nature. It's not a whim or a fashion thing. It's a lifestyle that we like. That's why we have a beautiful shopping bag for you that you will use repeatedly, and it will perfectly match your new handbag.

Be stylish and ecological at the same time. Be #Green.

22,- EUR

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