About us



The story of SAAN brand

Our story began as early as 2013, when our ways were brought together at work for a multinational engineering company in Pilsen. We were lucky that our female team was a great group and soon we became friends as well.

In April 2018, the coffee of two ex-colleagues but still loyal friends turned into a heated brainstorm about a great idea – we will make clothes for children and mothers inspired by pictures from children! We reviewed this idea shortly after and decided to keep the idea of children's pictures, but to turn them into handbags. At that time, we had no idea how long is the journey to reach this goal.

We knew that our handbags must be practical, elegant, timeless and original. We subordinated all our strengths to this goal and launched a website at the end of February 2019. At that time, we were still working under the brand "Maluju mámě". We were convinced that our target group are only mothers and grandmothers, but the very first orders opened our eyes immediately.

The partner of opera singer ordered for his love a handbag with the musical aria of her favourite song. Friends decided to give the bride a handbag full of personal messages. We have acquired the first corporate client for whom we have prepared an entire collection of handbags with an elegantly incorporated company logo.

Thanks to you, our clients, we have moved from the original idea. It was necessary to change our logo. We wanted to create a brand that would symbolize tenderness, positive emotions and elegance when representing us.

We are happy to introduce SAAN brand. A brand full of love, joy and enthusiasm.

Welcome to the world of SAAN.