Say thank you with the SAAN product

There are people behind every successful company or project. People who have put not just their knowledge and experience into their work but also energy, passion and heart. They are employees but also business partners and customers.

The way how to foster their positive relationship with the company is based on emotions. Thanks to emotions all people, employees and business partners develop and grow and thanks to them will develop and grow you company as well.

And emotions are our strength. We know how to work with them, how to grasp them, how to transform them into an original backpack, bag or handbag. We will be happy to help you by designing and producing a unique gift for your employee or business partner. It will be a gift with emotion, a gift with a story.

Take care of your employees

People are the most important asset of the company. The driving force for all companies are those who do their work with the heart. Such employees will also keep the company in hard times. If they are satisfied, they will not leave the company at the first sign of the problem. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the relationship between you and your employees. Increasing salaries and rewards is a way of motivating, but the effect is only short-lived. The way how to foster a positive relationship with the company in long way is based on emotions.

We will be happy to help you build this relationship, either with the Individual or Group Program.

Individual program

We will design and produce for you a product that is designed for a specific employee. It is a personalized gift, which according to the assignment may contain a name, date, personal message or just a symbol that is close to the employee. We will elegantly incorporate your company logo into the graphic design.

Motivation – appreciation of an employee on an occasion related to him/her.

Opportunities - employee's birthday, employment anniversary, wedding, child's birth, retirement, exceptional work, thanks for the work done, other…

Company-wide program

We will design and produce for you product, that suit to the tastes and needs of more employees. Product design can be inspired by the product line, place of business, employees’ children's drawings or by many other inputs. We will subtly incorporate your company logo into the graphic design. The goal is to create an elegant fashion accessory that your employees will use with love and pride.

Motivation – appreciation of all employees or a selected group of employees on an occasion related to the company or the overall society.

Opportunities - Christmas, company anniversary, competition for children of employees "Draw your mum/dad at work" (best picture will be incorporated into selected SAAN product), launch of new product, children's day organized by employer, other…

Take care of your suppliers and customers

In these days, it is becoming increasingly important how much care and attention we pay to suppliers and customers. It is not enough just to maintain common relations. Your important partners want to feel that they are exceptional for you, want to taste a feeling of exclusivity. Give it to them. They will create a relationship with you and will return to you. Thank them for a business partnership with a luxury gift, thank them with a SAAN product.

We will be happy to help you by designing and producing a unique gift for your suppliers and customers. It will be a gift with emotion, a story.

How does it work?

Do you want to present your company in an original way?

  • Together we define your expectations, needs, target group.
  • We choose the right product and key idea you want to present.
  • Purchase contract will be concluded.

Graphic design

  • You will pay a deposit of at least 50 %.
  • We will send you two graphic designs within five business days.
  • We will incorporate your comments.


  • You will pay the rest to 100 % deposit.
  • The fabric is produced within four weeks.
  • Depending on the size of the order, we will send you the finished products within 6 to 10 weeks from your design approval.


RTsoft s.r.o.

RTsoft s.r.o. is a software company that creates customized information systems, websites, e-shops and other software solutions. The company has a well-developed personnel policy, with great emphasis on individual care about each employee. They publish monthly comic; heroes are their employees. This personnel project was among the five best HR projects in the category HR Award at the national finals of the Sodexo Employer of the Year 2019 Award.

These comics were the starting point for designing #Sandy handbags. As a recognition of their work for the company, each employee got her unique handbag with comics in which she played the main role.

MECAS ESI s.r.o.

MECAS ESI s.r.o., a member of the ESI Group, is a distributor of virtual prototyping software, numerical simulations and related services. It supplies these services to many important employers in the Czech Republic but also to companies abroad.

Company MECAS ESI s.r.o. place great emphasis on building relationships with their key customers. That's why the company management decided to appreciate their customers by SAAN products. Handbags #Letter and backpacks #Happiness are fashionable accessories with a subtly incorporated company design determined for daily use. Handbags #City are highly elegant pieces designed for special occasions and therefore the company logo is placed on the inner part of handbag.