Product care

Instructions for proper usage and care about products

Thank you for your purchase and the confidence we have got, we greatly appreciate it. Our goal is your satisfaction with the purchased product. Therefore, we have prepared this manual for you, which contains the information you need to know for proper usage and care for the purchased products. By following them, you will contribute to prolonging the life of your product and thus prolonging your enjoyment of it.

General information

Adequate and careful handling and proper care are required for long-term usage of the products. This is an important condition for maintaining your warranty. Therefore, please follow our recommended guidelines:

Do not wash the products.

Keep away from fire.

Keep away from water and rain.

Protect against mechanical damage and treat product gently.

Do not overload.



None of our products should be washed, the visual properties will change. Do not bleach, do not dry in the dryer and do not clean chemically.


Do not dry or expose products to open fire or nearby heat sources. Due to the high temperature, the shape of the product can be changed or damaged.

Water and rain

Our products are design accessories and they are not intended for usage in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, etc.). Please be also careful when carrying aggressive substances (liquid cosmetics, perfumes, beverages, etc.) which spillage inside the product may irreversibly damage the inner or even outer fabric of the product.

Mechanical damage and gentle handling

This involves product damage caused by rubbing or scratching other objects. It may be scratched on your clothing (metal straps, watches, bracelets, etc.) or other objects (walls, fences, etc.). Also, be careful when placing products on rough surfaces. Treat the mechanical components of the product (zippers) in an appropriate manner. Close and open zippers smoothly without jerky movements and without great force.


Use the products only for their given purpose, do not overload or overfill them. Handbags are designed to carry lightweight items, the carrying capacity of the handbag varies from 1 kg to 2 kg depending on the type of the product. Overloading of handbags can lead to ear cracking on handbag ear, as well as to the pulling, ripping or cracking of the ear handbag handles or to the ripping or damage of the metal carabiners on the ears of the handbag.

Additional information

Full and dark shades can partially colour. This situation is more likely to occur when the product is wet. Therefore, we do not recommend you to wear dark products on white clothing due to possibility of slight discoloration of this clothing.

Store products separately from each other so that colour transfer doesn’t occur (it means that the colour of other darker products will not be printed on the bright products). Therefore, store the products in plastic or textile bags, they are also recommended to be stuffed. Avoid wrinkling, folding, or other deformation, which may damage the product’s outer material.

Care about products according to used material

Textile parts (cotton, cut leatherette imitation)

Before the first wear, it is necessary to treat the textile part with an impregnation suitable for textile. Test the impregnation agent on an inner fabric before impregnating the outer side of the product. The impregnation must be regularly renewed.

Clean dry textile part of the product by soft circular movements of a brush and use textile cleaning spray to brighten the colours and prevent staining. When cleaning, do not rub the contaminated area with force and pressure in order to avoid colour fading.

Leatherette parts (leatherette, leather imitation)

Wipe the leatherette with a wet cloth containing a suitable detergent and then wipe dry. Do not soak the leatherette. Avoid sharp objects, these can damage the leather imitation irreparably.


Protect metal parts from moisture, abrasion and aggressive chemicals. No special treatment required.


The warranty period is not the same as the product lifetime. Product life is determined by the way and intensity of usage. Any defects caused by improper or incorrect usage of the product, excessive wear or damage will not be considered. These are especially spots, discoloration caused by sun and weather, damage from sharp objects, tearing off a part of the product cause by force, etc. The warranty period applies to defects that have arisen during the warranty period by a demonstrable defect in production (these defects usually occur when the product is used for a short time).


We wish you happy moments with our product.

SAAN team