The story of your picture

Or how the picture becomes an original fashion accessory.


Any picture can be the right one, even the one from your kid's school noticeboard.

Graphic plan

Colors and design of the graphic plan are nearly identical to the final product


The fabric can look like a spring meadow

Complete handbag

The complete handbag in front of camera lens.

The handbags with your unique story

We design and manufacture unique Czech handmade handbags full of emotions, stories, fantasy. Each of our products is an original made just for you.

Message on a mirror, favorite poem, picture from a child. It would be a shame to put these treasures into a drawer when they can make you happy every day. We will process them graphically, design and sew a handbag or backpack only for you. It will be unique and original just like you.

For our corporate clients, we design and manufacture handbags that uniquely represent their business, their mission, their story. Such handbags spread the good name of our clients in an elegant and unusual way and they are an interesting way to thank employees and business partners for their trust.

Elegance, style, emotions - these are SAAN products.


Choose from the range of original fashion accessories the right one for you.

From picture to product

The process how your picture is transferred into the unusual handbag with story.

Gift voucher

Do you have little time or troubles with design? Give gift voucher.